Mindful Virtues: The Inner Condition of Happiness & Social Good

The Baha’i community of Cambridge would like to invite you to a series of 8 evenings, each focusing on a different virtue. The evening will start with a short practice of mindfulness. This will be followed by words from Holy scriptures, poets, and philosophers to explore and discuss the value of virtues.

Venue: Friends’ Meeting House, Jesus Lane, Cambridge
Free entry. Light refreshments will be served.
Wednesdays 8:00pm– 9:30pm

24th January: Truthfulness
7th February: Forgiveness
21st February: Compassion
7th March: Gratitude
21st March: Excellence
4th April: Service
18th April: Hopefulness
2nd May: Love

For further information: info@cambridgebahais.org.uk

“​All physical perfections come to an end; but the divine virtues are infinite.“​


Click here to download the complete flyer.