The age of spiritual maturity

Roshan Forouhi reflects on turning 15: For the average schoolboy the fifteenth birthday is merely a regular birthday, but for me as a Bahá’í it was extra special, for reasons besides simply receiving greater material gifts than normal! It was a major milestone in the progression of my life so far. Turning fifteen as a Bahá’í meant that I had reached the age of spiritual maturity, and I had the right and privilege to officially declare as a Bahá’í. Previously, I barely had to think about the idea of declaring. Having been brought up in a Bahá’í family all my life and already living by the Bahá’í teachings, I had always felt myself a Bahá’í at heart. On the very day that I turned fifteen I sent an email to the Secretary of the National Spiritual Assembly informing them of my decision to declare my faith in Bahá’u’lláh. By the following day I had received confirmation of the NSA’s reception and acknowledgement of this email, and within a few days I received a beautiful card congratulating me on reaching the age of spiritual maturity, signed by each of the nine members of the NSA individually.
For this special occasion, our own Local Spiritual Assembly of Cambridge very kindly invited me to attend part of one of their meetings in order that they might discuss the meaning of spiritual maturity with me. I was presented with a thoughtful gift, and given an encouraging and inspiring insight into the years of my life as a Bahá’í that are to follow (as well as a short briefing on the new responsibilities that go with it!). Physically, as I had expected, I felt just the same as before, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually it was the beginning of a new era. I am very grateful to the LSA for helping to make the transition so smooth and easy for me.